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Research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Project Management

Stonemeadow Consulting is currently performing research to discover ways to implement AI technology for project management processes.  For more information or a Lunch & Learn presentation please send an email to  

Basic skills - Create a Pareto Chart

The best way to acquire skills is to use them.  Below is a video about how to create a Pareto chart.  Watch the video, look at some data and try it yourself.

Project Scheduling Software: A Myriad of Options

When most people think about project scheduling software, they think about Microsoft Project.  That is the standard which most of us used at one time in our project management career and it is still taught in project management courses at universities and colleges.  However, there are actually over 60 project scheduling software applications currently available.  There are a variety of features and a wide range in prices.  You can optimize your business by selecting the one that is best for your needs.  

Stonemeadow Consulting offers expert support for:
  • project software selection
  • vendor negotiation
  • software set-up
  • project schedule structure
  • training
  • implementation 

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